Courtney Smith is one of Ireland's leading Fashion Stylists and a longtime Siopaella friend and consignor. She's a huge fan of vintage and has been a big supporter ever since we opened our doors many moons ago. A Creative Director, Presenter and Writer, Courtney's rolodex of clients include Brown Thomas, Tommy Hilfiger and Siopaella favourite, Louis Vuitton. She's collaborated on work alongside DKNY and H&M and her work has featured in publications like the Sunday Times Style, Irish Tatler, U Magazine and GQ South Africa. And we LOVE her so could not be happier to feature her in our latest Steal Her Style feature. 

siopaella designer resale courtney smithsiopaella designer resale courtney smith


What made you decide to begin your own blog?

I don't think I really had a choice but to start my own business. I knew I wanted to be a fashion stylist and there were no in-house roles going here so it gave me the drive to just start out on my own. My dad was self-employed most my life too so it definitely helped mould me into being driven enough to work for myself, it definitely isn't for everyone... you need to be really self-motivated and know exactly what your goals are.

I'm 8 years self-employed now and I've developed my business into something more multi-faceted with creative direction, production, tv presenting and brand ambassador roles some of the things I do in addition to styling. 

Talk us through your personal style.

I think my style is ever evolving so I don't like to pigeon hole myself, but I think if someone else was to look at me they would call me Bohemian Biker Chick. Lol! I do own a LOT of leather trousers and ankle boots and kimonos! My ultimate girl crush is Stevie Nicks, but in saying that I am never afraid to take risks or try new things either.

 What made you choose to consign your wardrobe to Siopaella?

I was a consignment shopper before I was a consigner. That's what convinced me to start selling my own goods too. Some of the best things in my wardrobe were found in consignment stores around the world and I like the thought of finding a good home for my stylish wares.... as they say one mans trash is another mans treasure ... and all that jazz!

What one item would you NEVER consign to Siopaella and why?

OOH there's quite a few things... a beautiful leopard print silk kimono I got in a vintage store in Miami I am beyond obsessed with, and anything that has sentimental value like my grandpa's old sailing hat I love to wear on shoots. 

 What's the best thing about consigning with Siopaella?

EVERYTHING! It's like a little fashion family, it's fun to just drop in every week and see what's new in, what of mine sold and just have banter with the team! The extra pocket money is always a bonus too.

Steal Courtney's Style....Straight From Her Own Wardobe!

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Photographed by Aine Hogan
Modelled by Megane 
Words and Styling by Courtney Smith and Ciara McCaughey
A huge thank you to Courtney Smith for taking the time to chat with us!