Kim Kardashian, arguably one of the most stylish and successful women in the world has gone from zero to hero in her looks which in no doubt is thanks to Yeezus aka Kanye West. We at Siopaella have no such style guru like Mr West (sorry Steve but you aint no Yeezus) to take us to our next platform where we can grow and thrive.

So, we’re taking inspiration from Kimmy K and going back to where she began (and no that does not mean we’re making one of those tapes!!). Instead, like Kim K before she was Kim K West, we’re going to go to your closet to help you clear out your unwanted designer items. Yes, before Kim Kardashian became a household name, she was known as the Queen of the Closet Organizing Scene in Hollywood. Our aim for Siopaella is to have that title in Dublin and we’re sure the amazing hourglass figure will follow shortly after…hopefully.

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Our in-house clear-clearouts allow our clients, whether they are mothers with young children or extremely busy workers who find it difficult to come into town, experience the Siopaella effect.  We at Siopaella think it is a crime for beautiful designer handbags and accessories to sit, unworn and forgotten in a dark wardrobe. Selling these to Siopaella is an easy way to make some money and also to allow these beautiful items to feel loved again (yes, they do have feelings).However, the best thing about our closet clear out service? We offer a **full service**! Meaning that we will also take your clothes and shoes alongside your designer bags and accessories. Yes, that means we'll take your Topshop and Zara alongide your Chanel and LV bags!

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By having us come to your home after traditional shop hours makes this process very simple. We’ll roll up in "Penelope" aka the 1973 Siopaella VW (Ella and Steve’s third most prized possession after Louis and Raquel) and with your help we’ll sort through your wardrobe. If  selling to us is something you’ve wanted to do for a while now but haven’t had the chance, then this is the perfect solution. I mean even just for the chance to take selfies with Louis, Raquel and Penelope is reason enough for us to come and help you clear out your wardrobe. So, book an appointment, stick on the kettle and we’ll be there in no time ;)

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More information on the Siopaella Designer Handbag Closet Clear Out service is available on our website :) Our closet clearouts are perfect for those who have been hoarding dozens of designer handbags and clothing - more info on the types of designer bags we are buying are on our wishlist - so sorry but we are not buying clothing-only clearouts. You can also ring us on 01 677 9106 or 01 442 1747 or email to enquire further :-) Have a look at our wishlist to see the items we are looking for now!

Model: Annmarie O'Connor

Photographer: Miki Barlok

Stylist: Ella de Guzman and Annmarie O'Connor