Designer bags are a coveted asset to many people's closet, but forking out the big bucks for one bag can cause anyone to think twice about coughing up the cash. However, some designer bags are seriously worth the investment - especially when it comes to what we here at Siopaella do best.. RESALE! 

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We regularly get asked lot's of questions about how our buying works and what designer bags are really worth, so we've put together some info as to why certain designer bags are worth an investment in the long term!

Iconic designers such as Chanel and Hermes will always be worth the investment because their value is always increasing, so when you see the cost of that classic Chanel, remember it can be seriously worth it, (and YES we have both of these beauties in stock!)

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The Hermes Birkin 

According to a recent study by Baghunter, published in Harper's Bazaar, The Hérmes Birkin is probably one of the most coveted bags of all time, and with that it was dubbed as being a better investment than the stock market. The reason for this is that, quoting the study ''The stock market had a return of a nominal average of 11.66 percent, with a real return average of 8.65 percent; gold had an average annual return of 1.9 percent, with a real return average of -1.5%. And those numbers assume that you don't buy or sell within that 35-year time period.''

This means that the Birkin never decreases in value so therefore it only gets better with age! Also this is great for consignment stores like us, that if you want to sell it on after a few years, you MAY just get back as much money as you bought it for, amazing or what?!

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The Chanel 

Chanel, most girls number one wishlist bag right? Whether it's the classic quilted lambskin twist lock, re-designed by Karl Lagerfeld or the 2.55, which is Coco Chanel's very original design, there's no doubt that these bags are worth some serious investment. According to Harpers Bazaar, '' in the last six years alone the bag's value has gone up by 70 per cent, and is set to increase by the end of 2016. The findings conclude that this makes Chanel bags (of any ilk, not just the 2.55) are a more sound financial investment than the property market'' That's some pretty amazing news for re-selling also! 

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So, if you're worried about denting your credit card for your dream bag, remember that in the long term, you could be doing your bank account some serious justice! 

 Siopaella xx