Festival-proof rainwear - Elka fit guide

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Our Elka raincoats are one of our favourite things that we have on offer in Siopaella. Their amazing quality, huge colour range and versatility when it comes to styling are what makes them the perfect wardrobe staple. Especially in this little rainy corner of the world.

Considering investing in some high-quality rainwear that will see you through the summer festival season and well into the cold, damp winter? Look no further. We're going to fill you in on all the info you need, regarding sizes, styles, fits and colours, so you can make an informed decision!



COLOURS: Birch, Dusty Green, Pink, Faded Denim, Oil Yellow, Bordeaux

The Elka 'Saeby' style is designed for women and fits the female shape a lot more comfortably than the original Elka styles. 

The length of the arms is slightly shorter, and overall the coat is more tailored and less oversized. The hip area is cut slightly wider than other Elka styles to accommodate the natural curves of the female shape.

Petite men who prefer a neater shaped jacket may also prefer the Saeby!

Pictured: Saeby Birch, size M

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Click the links below to shop our range of Elka Saeby

Saeby Birch

Saeby Pink

Saeby Faded Denim

Saeby Oil Yellow

Saeby Bordeaux

Saeby Dusty Green



COLOURS: Extensive colour range. Both single block colour and dual-colour options available

Sønderby is the classic men's silhouette from Elka. It's longer length and less fitted body mean it fits the male frame perfectly, but is also totally for any women who like a more casual, oversized approach to outerwear.

The extra long sleeves can be rolled up out of the way, but come in handy for shielding your hands if you find yourself cycling during a downpour. 

Something to note if you're a gal looking for a Sønderby: If you have wide hips, size up to avoid gaping between buttons! The masculine shape of the Sønderby means the body of the jacket tapers slightly on the way down.

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Here's our Top 3 picks from the Single Block Colour range

Sønderby Olive Green

Sønderby Navy

Sønderby Green Woods

Shop Sønderby

Here's our Top 3 picks from the Dual-Colour range!.

Sønderby Navy & Shelter Blue

Sønderby Camo

Sønderby Orange & Bordeaux

That's just a taster of our Elka selection! There is a colour, shape and style to suit everyone.

They are absolutely perfect for keeping you dry during Electric Picnic, a hiking trip, or just everyday life running around rainy Ireland.

Sarah Keating

Stylist @ Siopaella


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