Louis Vuitton Metis Madness: Siopaella has it in the bag!

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Metis Madness: Louis Vuitton's Exclusive 'It' Bag

Sold out online in stores worldwide in every model other than the embossed monogram leather, it’s nearly impossible to purchase a classic or reverse monogram unless you venture into the online resale market. We did some research online and could not find anywhere else in Ireland that had them in stock.... except for yours truly of course! We are so excited to have not one, not two, but THREE Louis Vuitton Metis bags available:


- Classic Monogram Metis, priced at €1,999 

- Reverse Monogram Metis, priced at €2,275 

And a limited edition ‘Brogue’ Metis, adorned with a zig zag pattern (not unlike a classic Brogue shoe) and a soft black leather middle section, no longer listed on the Louis Vuitton website, priced at €2,100.

Now, if you're an LV lover who’s been drooling over the Louis Vuitton official website for some time now, you'll notice that these prices are higher than those listed by Louis Vuitton themselves – this is because the bag is almost constantly sold out, with a long waiting list. When pricing bags here at Siopaella, we use the wider resale market as a reference, so we are making sure that the prices we set are fair and in line with other resellers.

For example; on Vestiaire Collective, one of the most popular resale websites, the classic monogram Metis (that we have priced for €1,999) is going for anywhere between €1,990 up to €2,300. So we’re right on the nose for fair pricing of this bag! Obviously if the bag was in poor condition, we would price it lower, but ours is brand spanking new! (Complete with its lovely dustbag, box, paper bag and pretty blue ribbon!)

It’s a similar story for the Reverse monogram Metis priced at €2,275. On Vestiaire prices for this bag range in and around the €2,300 mark. The biggest bargain of our little collection has to be the ‘Brogue’ Metis! As it’s limited edition and no longer available from Louis Vuitton, the resale prices are climbing! With those on Vestiaire selling for between €2,600, all the way up to €3,500 in some cases! At €2,100 from Siopaella, it really is (relatively speaking) a steal!

Speaking to a representative from Louis Vuitton, they could not confirm a waiting list time! They did say that they can only supply a store with one Metis at a time, so who knows how long you could be waiting depending on how many customers at your store have ordered one! Word on the street is, it could be as long 2 years for us normal folk, and a couple of months for celebs....but we can't say for sure. As always if you're interested in any of these Metis pieces, you can always swap items from your own gorgeous wardrobe to offset the purchase price:) Call 01 558 1389 to speak to one of our friendly Buyers or email your items tht you fancy trading to info@siopaella.com x

Shop our must-have Metis collection below!

Classic Monogram


Reverse Monogram


Limited Edition 'Brogue'



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