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    The saucy sultry seventies is making a major comeback for spring summer 2016 and Siopaella is hopping on that trend bandwagon. Flares, fringing and suede - you name it - we got it! Get ready to channel the kookiest icons from Studio 54's Bianca Jagger to the waif-life Mia Farrow. Our Anna is rocking the 70s trend here and totally nailing it!

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    We're no wilting wallflowers here at Siopaella Designer Exchange. We like our trends maximalist. The bigger, the bolder, the better. This hat is all that and more and we have multiple colours available on our website here. Whether you're an Olivia Palermo or a Kate Moss-aholic, there's a style that will suit your look from our Dr.Zhivago-esque Russian faux fur pill box hats to our rock chic fedoras and wooly bobble beanies for skiing in Andorra with the fam chic!

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    If you really want to get the 70s look, then shaggy faux fur jackets are your go-to coat of choice and this orange hue is right en pointe. Our Crow street store has a whole rail of faux fur jackets and coats that our resident hounds Louis and Raquel like to cuddle up to when they're not around each other! When we spotted one of our favourites, blogger extraordinaire and absolute BABE Leanne Woodfull of Thunder and Threads in her black shag faur fux coat, we just had to invest in some look-a-likes. Check out this Urban code coat to really nail the 70s look. Fringing is also a major trend and we just so happen to have several fringe-tastic jackets from Kate Moss for Topshop and H&M. Ready, set, click!

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    Gucci is having such a major revival at the moment and heritage pieces like this cross body beauty are so hard to come by. It's even had people stopping by the shop just to visit it - yes, it is that beautiful! It warms the cockles of our heart to see our pre-loved babies being so loved. This bad boy deserves a very good home, let me tell you that! The best part is probably the bamboo detailing - so dribble-worthy, right? Swoon!

    Nothing says hello 70s quite like long legs that go on forever! Now anyone that knows our Anna knows that she has inches (and inches and inches) on the majority of the Siopaella staff and these Ann Demeulemeester only make her legs longer! They're a real investment boot and are definitely something I'm on the hunt for (I'll be Jerry Hall in no time). For a full low down on how to style the thigh high boot, check out our blog post here.

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    For more info check out www.siopaella.com or call us on 01 677 9106

    Mary x

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    How important are first impressions? VERY. You wouldn't show up to a dinner date with a plastic bag now, would you? Unless you're a Rubber Bandit, you're going to want to have a selection of handbags that suit the occasion. And here at Siopaella, we know how important it is to match your handbag to your mood! But sometimes, you don't want to have to do the work so let us do it for you! The new year is a great time to move jobs and now that the jobs market is really opening up, we say 'go nab your dream job, girl!' These five bags say very different things about your personality - so we're matching the job to the handbag - so you can go and fulfill your ambitions with a little sartorial help from us.

    The perfect handbag for a graphic designer job interview

    What better to convey an artistic streak with a sense of playful humour than this Love Moschino tote? Your interview is bound to go your way with this handbag in tow!


    The perfect handbag for a corporate CEO/COO/Managing Director job interview

    Whether you're heading up a major multi-national corporation or looking forward to doing so in the future, this Gucci Jackie O handbag oozes class, sophistication and professionalism. Exactly what you want to exude at a corporate interview.

    [caption id="attachment_45939" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Gucci Jackie Navy Leather Shoulder Bag Siopaella Designer Exchange Gucci Jackie Navy Leather Shoulder Bag Siopaella Designer Exchange[/caption]

    The perfect handbag for a costume designer interview

    You're a costume designer, fresh off the set of Vikings and now you're going for the new play at the Abbey Theatre - how retro/hipster can it get? Very - with this massive Burberry holdall, not only will you be able to store a plethora of costumes, you'll make a major statement!

    [caption id="attachment_40926" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Burberry Checked Luggage Burberry Checked Luggage[/caption]

    The perfect handbag for a doctor interview

    The detail and stitching on this Bottega Veneta bag is second to none. You will convey exquisite taste with a penchant for the best in life - what more could you want from your physician? Nab that interview girlfriend!

    [caption id="attachment_40605" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Bottega Veneta Black Leather Tote siopaella designer exchange dublin Bottega Veneta Black Leather Tote siopaella designer exchange dublin[/caption]

    The perfect handbag for an art/music/drama teacher interview

    You like your bags weathered and this vintage rucksack will gain the utmost respect from all the cool kids in your class. Imagine showing up to an interview with this in tow - you'd be a class act!

    [caption id="attachment_43624" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Vintage Leather Backpack Siopaella Designer Exchange Dublin Vintage Leather Backpack Siopaella Designer Exchange Dublin[/caption]

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  • Let's Go Skiing

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    I've never been skiing but have always wanted to go! The idea of spending a day hitting the slopes and then an evening of mulled wine just sounds fabulous. Anybody heading this year? If so... take me with you!! Please?? Look I've even put together this skiing outfit for you and all Im asking for in return is a ticket to the slopes <3 It's a win win!

    We've teamed this fabulous Moncler jacket with skinny jeans. A comfortable, practical and stylish look! The Gucci backpack is perfect for skiing (do you take bags up the slopes? Like for snacks?) The aviator Michael Kors sunnies will keep the glaring sun out of you eyes however, I recommend wearing suncream so you avoid the red ski face and outline of your glasses (not a good luck). Keep the red off your face and on your shoes! No Im not talking about Louboutins, they'd be so impractical. Instead, I'm recommending these Lanvin flats! Now you have all my tips you can PM me and Ill send you on my passport details!! Thanks in advance!!

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    Modelled by Mary Cate Smith

    Styled and Photographed by Ciara McCaughey

    All items available from our Cecilia Street store or online at www.siopaella.com

    Call 01 555 0119 / 01 677 9106 for more info


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  • Chanel Bells, Chanel Bells, Chanel All The Way

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    This is the perfect look for those of you looking for a luxurious outfit to wear on Christmas day! This Chanel dress the perfect length for daytime. There's also zipper on the side of the dress that you can open when you've had your fill of turkey ;) We've teamed it with a whole host of fresh water pearls, Gucci heels, a Louis Vuitton ring and of course a Chanel bag!!

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    Modelled by Anna O'Neill

    Styled and Photographed by Ciara McCaughey

    For more information call into our Cecilia Street store or call 01 555 0119 / 01 677 9106. All items available on www.siopaella.com

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    No-one is hotter right now than Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele.  His debut for the brand in the autumn/winter 2015 season this February was the most hotly anticipated of the last decade. Michele, who was head of accessories at the storied label since 2002 took over Gucci (our brand focus) from Frida Giannini and has brought the brand in a completely new direction from his predecessor. Not only is Michele the name on everyone's lips, Irish beauty Emily Butcher was hand-picked by Michele himself to make her runway debut for Gucci this autumn/winter. Here at Siopaella, we have some absolute mint Gucci pieces, both heritage and new, so you can get a ticket on the hottest sartorial train in town. Rihanna is a huge Gucci fan, Alessandro Ambrosio is rarely spotted out and about with her Soho mini leather and even Kate Moss finds herself succumbing to the universal allure of Gucci, despite her endorsements with Burberry and Longchamp and her unofficial love for all things Mulberry.

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    Gucci - our brand focus - has always been at the fore of the luxury fashion world ever since Guccio Gucci (no prizes for guessing how he coined that name then) established the small leather goods and luggage brand back in the 1920s. Synonymous with Italian craftsmanship and expertise, our latest brand focus is the Tuscan label that everybody is talking about right now because of its hot-off-the-block designer Alessandro Michele who has reinvigorated the 'Granny Chic' trend that's so bad it's good. We're channeling our style inspiration, Emily Butcher, model-of-the-moment, with these Gucci handbags.

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    Unlike many other designer brands, Gucci is made in Italy, ensuring that each piece is a work of art. Gucci’s leather goods are made in the Florentine workshop, making it a major employer for the local people, with 45,000 artisans at the workshop as well as the many Gucci employees dotted around the world. The label was inspired by equestrian saddles and the horsebit logo became its iconic trademark.

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    Siopaella receives some of the most covetable bags in the designer industry and has several new hauls just in store. Be sure to check out the website, tweet us @siopaella or call us on 01-5550119 to chat about any of our Gucci pieces!

    Mary @thefashionhorn

    Signup to #EllasEdits and find out about the latest arrivals, fashion gossip and giveaways!

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