Sellers Terms

Siopaella Sellers Terms & Conditions:


  • Siopaella must be given 48 hours’ notice from a consignor who wishes to pick up his/her money
  • Consignor acknowledges that there may be a 21 day wait to receive funds after three-month consignment period is up as items can be returned within 14 days under EU law.
  • Customers may not always be given cash. When cash is not available a cheque will be issued to the consignor using his/her name as stated on the consignment contract.
  • If a third party is collecting a consignors payout the signee of the consignment contract must give Siopaella written notice that said third party will be collecting on his/her behalf.
  • Siopaella takes no responsibility for third party misplacing or losing consignors money.
  • If consignor wishes to have a cheque mailed to them there is a €3 admin fee.
  • If consignor wishes to have cheque mailed to address that differs to one stated on consignment form they must give Siopaella written notice.
  • Siopaella takes no responsibility for cheque being lost or misplaced by third party.
  • There is a €25 fee if consignor wishes to receive their funds through a bank transfer.
  • The consignor must clearly state all relevant information to Siopaella in written format if they wish to receive a bank transfer.
  • Siopaella takes no responsibility for funds being sent to wrong account if information provided by consignor is incorrect.
  • Siopaella is not responsible for delay in payment due to technical issues on the part of your bank.
  • If funds have not been picked up within one calendar year, starting the date, the items were dropped in, then the money in the account becomes store credit and can only be used within the four stores or online.
  • This store credit must be used within one calendar month starting from one year since beginning of contract.
  • If store credit is not used during this month Siopaella holds the right to withhold the funds.

    Customer Information:
  • Consignor is over the age of 18.
  • Consignor agrees that all items left in belong to him/her.
  • If consignor is not the owner of said pieces the consignor has been authorised by the owner of the items to sell said items, and will indemnify and hold Siopaella harmless from and against any claim arising from the sale of said items
  • Consignor agrees that all information written on consignment contract is accurate and correct.
  • Consignor acknowledges that Siopaella may ask for proof of identification in forms such as passport or driving licence before agreeing to sell any items.

  • The consignor must choose before signing what account they wish to have.
  • The consignor acknowledges that once they choose either store credit, cash or consignment that this decision cannot be changed or revoked.
  • The prices set on items are set by Siopaella.
  • Seller agrees that prices on certain items fluctuate month by month.
  • Seller agrees that prices given on initial appraisal whether by over email, phone, text or WhatsApp are only an estimate and may change once item has been seen in person.
  • Consignor agrees that items brought in are all genuine items and not bought illegally or off a counterfeit site or seller.

Cash Up Front:

  • The seller acknowledges that Siopaella has the right to price items at their own discretion.
  • The seller agrees that the cash price given on the day is lower than that of a consignment price.
  • The seller acknowledges that their item might sell for more than what was discussed on the day and that the cash they received was calculated at the lowest rate their item may sell at.
  • The seller agrees that once signing the contract and leaving the store they cannot change their mind.
  • The seller acknowledges that once they have signed for their money the items belong to Siopaella.
  • The seller acknowledges that cash is not always available and at these times a cheque will be issued in the seller’s name.



  • Consignor agrees that Siopaella will set the prices on their items.
  • If consignor has any problems with pricing they must let Siopaella know within 24 hours of receiving inventory list.
  • If consignor wants an inventory list this must be requested within 24 hours of items being left at Siopaella.
  • Consignor agrees to leave items at Siopaella for three months beginning the date as stated on the contract.
  • If consignor wishes to remove his/her items before the three months is up then Siopaella have the right to request payment as per consignment contract.
  • Consignor acknowledges that items may be reduced in sales as stated in consignment contract unless otherwise agrees by consignor and Siopaella.
  • Siopaella do not take any responsibility for consignor not knowing if his/her items have sold.
  • It is at the consignor’s discretion to get in contact with Siopaella once the three-month consignment period is up.
  • Consignor acknowledges that one payout is done at the end of the consignment period and not on a sold by sold basis.
  • Consignor agrees that as per contract any items that are priced at €40 or less will be automatically donated to charity if they have not sold within the three-month consignment period.
  • Consignor acknowledges that if any items over €40 have not sold after the three-month period they must be collected or postage arranged.
  • If returned items have not been collected one week after notice has been give to consignor then Siopaella hold the right to donate these items to charity.
  • Consignor acknowledges there is a postage option and that the fee for returning unsold items over €40 is €10.


Store Credit:

  • Seller agrees that once store credit account is chosen they cannot change their mind.
  • The seller acknowledges that Siopaella has the right to price items at their own discretion
  • Seller acknowledges that once contract is signed the items belong to Siopaella.
  • Seller acknowledges that the store credit can be used in any of Siopaella’s four stores or on the Siopaella website.
  • Seller agrees that if store credit has not been used within one calendar month from contract date then the store credit can no longer be used.
  • Seller acknowledges that at no point after the contract has been signed can they receive cash.

Selling by Post:

  • Consignor must pay all fees when shipping items to Siopaella to be sold.
  • It is at the Consignors discretion whether or not they wish to insure items being posted to Siopaella.
  • Siopaella is not responsible for the damage or misplacement of items when being couriered to Siopaella.
  • Consignor acknowledges that if Siopaella are unable to accept items sent in post for any reason then the consignor must pay for the items to be sent back to them.
  • Consignor must put all relevant information in the box when sending items to Sioapella.
  • Consignor acknowledges that if there is not sufficient identifying information and it is not claimed within 60 days of being received by Siopaella the items will be donated.

    Reserved Right to Refuse Service:

    • Seller acknowledges that Siopaella, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to limit, suspend or refuse service to any person found to have misused or to have violated these Siopaella Terms of Service or for any other reason.

      Amendment of Terms:

      • Seller acknowledges that Siopaella reserves the right to unilaterally revise and update these Terms of Service from time to time without notice to Customer.
      • It is the customers obligation to check for any changes and updates to these terms and conditions


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