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    Valentine's Day gift ideas

    Fed up buying the same flowers and chocolates every year? Why not treat your loved one (or yourself!) to a pre-loved designer item this year! We have a range of items for every price range from homewares to Chanel bags...


    Jewellery is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get someone. Everyone has their own specific taste so it can be difficult to choose, but there are definitely some fail safe options out there. Hermes bangles are timeless pieces that will be treasured for life. If your other half is a Michael Kors fan, they'll love an MK watch for sure! Shop all our jewellery here or see our picks below;

    Louis Vuitton Bracelet


    Michael Kors Runway Watch


    Product Three



    Without doubt, designer bags are our biggest sellers around Valentine's Day. Sometimes the price and amount of bags in department stores can be off putting, but at Siopaella, you can browse a range of designers and compare price points easily. We have plenty of coveted Michael Kors totes in store for a fraction of the price- but it's our classic Chanel bags that are a huge hit. These beauties typically fly out the door as soon as they come in, so it's never too early to start planning your gift! See all our bags here.

    Chanel Coral Seasonal Classic Flap


    Michael Kors Pink Leather Jet Set Tote


    Louis Vuitton Pink Monogram Josephine Lin Bag



    Why not treat your loved one to something smaller than a handbag- a wallet, or some sunglasses perhaps! Shop all our accessories here.

    Miu Miu Pink Fold Over Wallet


    D&G Pink & Red Sunglasses


    Miu Miu Pink Mattelasse Card Holder



    Over at our homewares and lifestyle store Siopahome, we stock a range of unusual and thoughtful gifts. If your loved one likes their interiors, our ceramics and collection of vases are the gifts for you. We also have a variety of scented candles, and many are Irish-made too!







    If all else fails...

    Purchase a giftcard! If you've got a picky one in your life or would rather let them choose for themselves, pick up a giftcard in any of our stores or online. Simply pick your amount and you've got the simplest gift ever!

    by Rachel Farrell


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  • 2018's Hottest Trends

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    2018's Hottest Trends

    Hello straight leg, goodbye skinny! Hello monogram print, goodbye understated elegance! Hello ultraviolet, goodbye millennial pink! These are just some of the trends we're hoping to nail this coming season! To be honest we'll be happy if we nail even just one of these trends... (have my fingers crossed for a pyjama trend, now that is something I can get behind)! 


    Monogram is back baby! Small baby bags as seen on the arms of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie many moons ago are creeping back into mainstream media. We're going to start minimalist with this one as we don't think we can quite nail it a la James Kavanagh. Click here to see James in our UGH-MAZING Gucci monogram jacket! Always ahead of the crowd!






    Taking monogram to a whole new level with this Louis Vuitton black multi colour pochette. This bag gives us serious Sex & the City vibes!! These bags aren't in production at the moment so this is a real find! 

    If there's one bag and one iconic print in particular that's making a comeback it's this Dior navy monogram! You may recognise it from being on the arms of Bryan Boy, Leandra Medine & Susie Bubble. Theirs also come monogrammed with their own name over the print! (Maria Grazia Chiuri if you're reading, my name is Ciara and I would LOVE one too, thanks xoxo)

    2. Street Wear 

    Effortlessly cool, effortlessly chic! There's been a shift from the glamorous, girly and dolled up look. Rather we're seeing movement towards a more laid back, relaxed style. Don't be fooled though, a lot of work goes into looking that cool! (I'm still desperately trying to find the balance between laid back and plain lazy). 











    Bum bags are the new cross body bags! All the New York and London cool street style kids are wearing them sideways to the front or back. We've styled this H&M x Masison Margiela bum bag with a Victoria Beckham military coat.

    We love it styled here to the front with the simplicity of this Acne sweatshirt. 

    3. Ultra Violet

    Ultra violet is Pantone's colour for 2018! I know what you're thinking, what do we do with all the millennial pink that we bought last year? Well, as you can see with this & Other Stories blouse and Halston Heritage skirt; the two colours are a match made in heaven!










    Our advice is to have fun with the colour... I mean you only have 11 months until they announce their newest colour! SO make the best of it!! I mean who said colour blocking, prints and glitter is too much?! 

    4. Floaty Midi Dresses



    Who said dresses are just for fawwwncy events? Not us, oh no! In fact according to the Sunday Time's Style magazine they're the new tracksuit! Comfy, oversized and look great dressed down with trainers and a jumper! Now this is one trend I'll try for sure!!










    We styled these Lya Solis & Needle & Thread dresses with comfy casual wardrobe staples from Whistles and Zara. The trainers add an edgy and relaxed style while the Dior and Chanel bags bring the Siopaella je ne sais quoi. 

    5. Straight Leg Jeans

    Forget your skinnies (I mean, I'm keeping mine so please don't tell the fashion police). But this season it's all about the straight legged, ankle crop, raw hem jean! We love pairing ours with a vintage shirt while flirting with a whisper of ankle! Seductive and sexy we know! ;) 










    Can we take a moment and see how well these trends go together! Birra straight leg jean, mixed with the coolest bum bag and the best monogram Dior. 

    6. Vintage



    This is a trend that's not even a trend anymore! To some people it's a way of living to others it's an adventure to find that piece they've always wanted. We decided to add it in here as with vintage it can be adapted and changed to suit whatever your mood, whatever the trend and whatever your style. 












    There is something memorising about a vintage Chanel bag. The gold is goldier (made up word, I know) and the CC turn lock is just that bit more bigger. We're in love! We've styled this Chanel Vintage bag with a faux fur Charlotte Simone scarf and Theory wool and cashmere coat. 








    Praise to the Vintage Gods for this textured coat of dreams. A truly one of a kind piece styled here with our fav Dior Mini Saddle bag and Siopaedit sunglasses. 


    *Blind Boy & Donald Trump artwork by @subsetdublin

    Nail the trend by shopping our lookbook 



    Ciara McCaughey

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    Chanel - the 2.55, the Reissue and the Flap

    image from addicttochic.com

    Chanel - the 2.55, the Reissue and the Flap

    Claire Mahoney 

    We often get questions about the most coveted Chanel bag the 2.55 - the Reissue and the Classic Flap. But which is which? Are all three names associated with the same bag? What's the difference? We've compiled a reference guide to sum up all those queries :) 

    image from Vogue.com

    The 2.55

    Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel herself designed the bag in February 1955. This being the 2nd month of the year '55 hence the name 2.55. The bag is comprised of a leather which has a  worn appearance and the chain strap is a jewellery like chain. Most notable is the bags lock, a rectangular twist lock known as the mademoiselle lock. .

    The Classic Flap

    When Karl Lagerfeld became head of Chanel during the 1980's he replaced the bags rectangular Mademoiselle lock with an interlocking CC lock. The strap was also modified too. Instead of just plain jewelry hardware, it was interwoven with leather. This is know as the 2.55 classic flap

    Black classic flap in quilted durable caviar leather.

    Single flap with silver tone hardware 

    Signature CC front twist lock closure opens into a spacious compartments with a patch pocket and zipped pocket

    Adjustable silver tone chain and woven leather shoulder strap

    The ReIssue

    Then in 2005 Largerfeld redesigned the 2.55 (which was then the classic flap)  to commerate 50 years and it featured once more the original mademoiselle lock and jewelry chain Coco had originally designed. This has become to be know as the 2.55 Reissue.

    Chanel black leather 2.55 Reissue handbag Double flap with mademoiselle twist lock closure. 

    Gold tone hardware. 

    Chain strap which can be worn long or short CC leather logo embossed in stitching on interior of bag

    Two interior slip pockets 

    RRP €4,990


    Technically, the name Reissue would only be associated with a bag that was produced after the original. However, the 2.55 bags with the mademoiselle locks have come to be known as The Reissue and bags with the interlocking CC are known as The Classic Flap, but both bags are the 2.55.  Hope that has cleared up any confusion on the most coveted bag!  

    Claire x

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    From new fitness regimes to #Veganuary, the new year is the perfect excuse for a lot of people to change their lifestyle or daily routine. Some may want a total wardrobe change, heading into the sales to stock up on outfits for the year. In a time where fast fashion is more prominent than ever, there's no better time to start shopping in second-hand stores like Siopaella. Research done by Wrap (Waste and Resources Action Programme) in the UK showed that the average piece of clothing lasts 3.3 years. When you think about all the fast fashion pieces picked up in the sale, it doesn't add up to value for money.

    Here's 5 reasons why you should shop second-hand in 2018;


    By investing in key wardrobe pieces, it helps save money in the long term. While some items like designer bags may come with a hefty price tag, they're pieces you know you'll have for years. Check out our blog post on why cost per wear makes designer bags the perfect investment here.


    One of the best things about shopping second-hand is that you're bound to find items that are unique to the store. Whether it's a vintage dress from the 60s or a limited edition Louis Vuitton, second-hand stores are worth the rooting through to find a unique gem. Better yet, you may even get a discount on something that doesn't go on sale in department stores, like a Chanel bag! 


    Whether it a second-hand boutique like ourselves or a charity, you're showing your support for smaller shops that are in competition with the high street. High street retailers are raking in the millions, so it's nice to switch it up and support local!


    Instead of buying something brand new, you're getting something pre-loved- it's recycling! Fast fashion is a complicated industry, and we recommend watching 'The True Cost' on Netflix. It's truly eye opening. 

    5. IT'S FUN!

    Rooting through rails, looking for something that catches your eye- there's nothing better! And because the items are vintage or pre-loved, you're getting an item that once belonged to someone else. Who knows what their story was or where they wore the item to!

    Shop our sale items here.

     Rachel x

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  • Who doesn't love a SALE?!

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    Here at Siopaella we know everyone loves a sale and we are always here to provide you with all of the DESIGNER BARGAINS! :) 


    Here are our top 5 sale picks at the moment as chosen by our stylist Freya <3


    Chanel Tweed Multi Colour Jacket - UK 14

    Was €3,000 Now €1,800



    Hermès Red Evelyne Handbag

    Was €2,500 Now €1,950


    Glamorous Denim Studded Jacket

    Was €75 Now €45

    Chanel Monochrome Cambon Ligne Handbag

    Was €800 Now €299


    Chanel Camelia Wallet

    Was €950 Now €299


    Don't forget you can check out all of our sale items by clicking HERE and we still have 40% OFF selected items of Siopaedit so be sure to check them out by clicking HERE too! :)


    Happy Shopping! <3

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