• The SIOPAELLA APP is finally here!!!

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    The Big Reveal is Finally here!!

    YOU heard it here first! The SIOPAELLA APP has finally arrived and we cannot contain our excitement. It has never been easier and quicker for you to keep updated with the latest designer arrivals at Siopaella HQ. You can get the app NOW on the Apple App Store!


     We will hopefully have it up and running for Android phones super soon also so stay tuned! Not only can you be the first to get the app but you can also be the first to see some of our amazing new arrivals that we have been keeping secret until the launch shhh! Below is a sneak peek of some of the fabulous new arrivals that are available right now via the Siopaella app...


    You can also get a notification directly to your phone as soon as that designer item you have been specifically looking for comes in via the app! Yes please!! 

    If you are looking to sell your designer bag? Is it on our wishlist? It is now easier than ever to send us photos and info about what you want to sell via the app! Simply go to the 'Sell With Us' tab on the app to get started :)

    Here are a few examples of the super secret items we've been saving just for the app....

    Chanel Classic Lambskin Double Flap 

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Randonnee GM Shoulder Bag / Backpack

      Chanel  Matelasse Mini Leather Flap Chain Bag  

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    Valentine's Day gift ideas

    Fed up buying the same flowers and chocolates every year? Why not treat your loved one (or yourself!) to a pre-loved designer item this year! We have a range of items for every price range from homewares to Chanel bags...


    Jewellery is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get someone. Everyone has their own specific taste so it can be difficult to choose, but there are definitely some fail safe options out there. Hermes bangles are timeless pieces that will be treasured for life. If your other half is a Michael Kors fan, they'll love an MK watch for sure! Shop all our jewellery here or see our picks below;

    Louis Vuitton Bracelet


    Michael Kors Runway Watch


    Product Three



    Without doubt, designer bags are our biggest sellers around Valentine's Day. Sometimes the price and amount of bags in department stores can be off putting, but at Siopaella, you can browse a range of designers and compare price points easily. We have plenty of coveted Michael Kors totes in store for a fraction of the price- but it's our classic Chanel bags that are a huge hit. These beauties typically fly out the door as soon as they come in, so it's never too early to start planning your gift! See all our bags here.

    Chanel Coral Seasonal Classic Flap


    Michael Kors Pink Leather Jet Set Tote


    Louis Vuitton Pink Monogram Josephine Lin Bag



    Why not treat your loved one to something smaller than a handbag- a wallet, or some sunglasses perhaps! Shop all our accessories here.

    Miu Miu Pink Fold Over Wallet


    D&G Pink & Red Sunglasses


    Miu Miu Pink Mattelasse Card Holder



    Over at our homewares and lifestyle store Siopahome, we stock a range of unusual and thoughtful gifts. If your loved one likes their interiors, our ceramics and collection of vases are the gifts for you. We also have a variety of scented candles, and many are Irish-made too!







    If all else fails...

    Purchase a giftcard! If you've got a picky one in your life or would rather let them choose for themselves, pick up a giftcard in any of our stores or online. Simply pick your amount and you've got the simplest gift ever!

    by Rachel Farrell


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    5 things you may not know about the Hermès Birkin Bag

    The Hermès Birkin bag is one of the most glamorous (and expensive!) bags in the world. You don't see many of them on the street, which is why they're such a coveted item among our customers. We often get customers wondering why the Birkin holds so much prestige in the world of luxury bags, so we've decoded the mystery behind it for you. (Image; Harpers Bazaar)

    by Rachel Farrell


    Becks' Birkins









    1. Victoria Beckham reportedly owns over 100 of them!

    The fashion designer has a hefty Birkin collection, and is frequently seen with one in the crook of her arm. Baghunter reports that the collection is worth over 2 million dollars. One of the most expensive Birkin bags she's been seen with is a pink ostrich leather one, worth $150,000. (Image: purseblog)


    $379,261 !!


    2. The most expensive one ever sold for $379,261.

    The exclusive white Himalaya Birkin bag was sold at auction for $370,261 in June 2017. The bag is made from the Niloticus crocodile and it's covered in over 240 diamonds. Adorned with 18 karat gold hardware, the bag was sold in Hong Kong and holds the record for the most expensive Birkin bag sold at an auction to date. (Image: Christie's)


    3. The concept of the bag was born on an airplane

    Rumour has it that the iconic singer Jane Birkin bumped into ex-Hermès executive Jean-Louis Dumas on a flight back in 1981. The contents of her straw tote bag spilled all over the floor and she complained about not having a practical but stylish bag. Four years later, the Birkin bag was born, and named after the English-French singer herself! (Image: Vogue)

    4. Sex In The City put it on the 'it-girl' list

    In a popular episode of the hit 2001 TV show, Samantha skips the 5 year waiting list to own one of the coveted bags. The waiting list for a Birkin apparently tripled in length after the episode aired! Although Hermès never release how many names are on the list, we're guessing a lot of people are still chasing after one. (Image: Pinterest)

    5. It takes over 20 hours to make one bag

    Each bag is carefully handcrafted, adding to the reasons why they're so exclusive. Birkin bags are typically only sold to long time customers because the demand is so high. According to a report by Collector Square, only 348 Birkin bags have been sold at auction compared to over 1,000 Kelly bags. We're lucky that we've had a few in our store over the last few years too!

    Here at Siopaella Designer Exchange, we believe in only selling authentic designer items. You can rest assured that each Hermes piece goes through a rigorous authentication process by our trained authentication team. As Ireland’s largest designer exchange store, we have sold the most luxury items in the country including the most Birkins! If you have one to sell do let us know - we would love to re-home it for you. More more info on selling with us click here or simply e-mail us on info@siopaella.com xx

    Our Hermes

    Although we only have one Birkin in store at the moment, check out some our other Hermes bags & accessories below;

    Hermès Burgundy Togo Leather Birkin 40

    Hermès Kelly Black Leather Handbag

    Hermès Kelly Epsom Calfskin Wallet

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  • Who doesn't love a SALE?!

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    Here at Siopaella we know everyone loves a sale and we are always here to provide you with all of the DESIGNER BARGAINS! :) 


    Here are our top 5 sale picks at the moment as chosen by our stylist Freya <3


    Chanel Tweed Multi Colour Jacket - UK 14

    Was €3,000 Now €1,800



    Hermès Red Evelyne Handbag

    Was €2,500 Now €1,950


    Glamorous Denim Studded Jacket

    Was €75 Now €45

    Chanel Monochrome Cambon Ligne Handbag

    Was €800 Now €299


    Chanel Camelia Wallet

    Was €950 Now €299


    Don't forget you can check out all of our sale items by clicking HERE and we still have 40% OFF selected items of Siopaedit so be sure to check them out by clicking HERE too! :)


    Happy Shopping! <3

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    Here at Siopaella we love us some LOUIS! We are constantly getting in fabulous new Louis Vuitton pieces so always keep an eye on our new arrivals and social media to be the first to see <3 Here is just a few of our favorite LV items we have in at the moment but to view our entire collection check out our website :)

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Vintage Noe Bag

    Louis Vuitton Felicie GM Pochette

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Papillon Limited Edition Murakami Bag

    Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall 60

    And of course if you have any Louis Vuitton pieces of your own that you wanted to trade in or consign with us you can always email us photos or check out our wishlist to see what items we are looking for! Be sure to check out all of our fab LV pieces here! 



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