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THE ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE FOR MOTHER'S DAY - THIS TIME IT'S PURSE-ONAL How much do you love spoiling your Mammy? We know we do and when Ella's Mammy Lolita was here, it was impossible to spoil her because she just kept giving us little treats and being the sweetest Mammy ever. Mams are like that, aren't they? Slipping a fiver in your back pocket even though you're a thirty year old grown woman and you really should be slipping her a twenty for making you Sunday dinners every week of your life!!! We think splashing out on your Mammy is...


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STYLE UP A STORM - VINTAGE SHIRTS At Siopaella designer exchange, we're anything but basic. We love to mix things up and style vintage shirts with designer separates. Eclectic and rough around the edges is our motto - we love how unique our customers are and how they always want something a bit different. Whether it's tulle skirts and sequinned tops or classic Chanel with vintage printed silk shirts, our sartorial crushes tend towards the fashion mavens who embrace individuality. Anna Dello Russo, Iris Apfel, Leandra Medine and Susie Lau are some of our heroes and they've been known to mix...


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DO YOU HAVE ONE OF OUR MOST-WANTED HANDBAGS? READ ON....... At Siopaella, we have a 'Most Wanted' list. We can't say they're the usual suspects who regularly make cover stars on all the top FBI lists - oh, no, no, no siree BUT we can claim we want them bad. Very, very bad. Remember Meatloaf's 'I Would Do Anything for Love'? Well, we would do anything for these designer handbags and we WILL do that. And by that I mean, hand out the big bucks. Hard cash is best served cold - fact! So, check out the top ten handbags on our wish-list....


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GET VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY WITH THE SIOPAELLA BEST DESIGNER HANDBAGS UNDER €200 EDIT New season, new hair-do, new you, right? Now that you've gone and dip-dyed your ballyage green/pink/fuschia (we're looking at you Siopaella Stylist Orlagh!), your entire wardrobe needs revamping to match your weave, natch! So, you don't want to splash out on that designer Hermes Kelly Cut clutch you saw on Kylie Jenner (yes, we do have it and yes, it is almost €13,000) but you still want an injection of fresh into your style. Sit back, relax and get ready to let your fingers do the...

Taking a Fresh Look at January

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Who else is sick of hearing about miserable, grey, dreary January? I most certainly am! I think it's time we take a fresh look at January! While it's a time of beginnings and fresh starts it's also the perfect time to forward plan and book an adventure through South East Asia, a relaxing break in the Maldives or even just a spa getaway in your favourite place in Ireland. We at Siopaella LOVE to travel, I urge you to go and check out Ella and Steve's Instagram accounts to see their latest getaway in the Phillipines (Busuanga Bay Lodge is on...


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CLEAR OUT YOUR CLOSET WITH SIOPAELLA Hit refresh on your wardrobes for the new year and get ready for a closet cleanse! January is a time for new beginnings, the days are getting brighter, the flowers are ready to bloom and we're getting ready to be healthier, swapping the spiced pumpkin latte for a soy chai! That's healthy, right (we're not quite ready for the Nutri-bullet green veg juice)? We're taking inspiration from our favourite fashion stylist and author, Annmarie O'Connor (the closet clearout expert) whose new book The Happy Closet has just been released. There's nothing better than a really good closet...


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FOUR DESIGNER BAGS UNDER €200 Holi-yays are coming and the Goose is getting fat.It's time to start thinking about your loved ones and get Christmas shopping so we've rounded up five absolute bargains for your with our 'Four Designer Bags Under €200 Post.' Everybody loves a classic Michael Kors bag and this one is an absolute steal at €169. The two hues will match almost every outfit and the size is perfect for the business woman to store her stationary back-up (because we all have a stationary fetish, no?),diary and makeup bag so she can refresh at the end of the...


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LOUIS VUITTON BRAND FOCUS OUR ENDLESS LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE HERITAGE BRAND What do Miranda Kerr, Fan Bing Bing,  Olivia Palermo and Elle Fanning all have in common? Great taste, oodles of talent and impeccable style with a penchant for heritage designer brand Louis Vuitton. The name Louis Vuitton carries with it some serious weight in the world of designer fashion but its legendary history began with a humble sixteen year old boy who had a dream to become a trunk master. His name? Louis Vuitton. Thus the eponymous label was born and the heritage French brand has grown to...


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HOW TO CHANNEL GIGI HADID'S STYLE As if we couldn't love Gigi Hadid any more, she's only gone and bagged herself a photo shoot with our favourite flame-haired Irish boy, Domhnall Gleeson in US Vogue! Well, we may not have Anna Wintour on speed dial but if you follow us on Instagram, you'll know our senior stylist Ciara did a pretty good job of convincing us all that she was Ms. Wintour at our Halloween party! [caption id="attachment_37983" align="aligncenter" width="800"] There are literally no words for how much we love this...[/caption] She's the supermodel with serious social media skills, a...

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