Designer Focus - Rick Owens

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If one designer has taken the goth/grunge movement and catapulted it into the mainstream consciousness, it's Rick Owens. A relatively young label, Rick Owens is known for his signature leather jackets - entire collections are built around the wardrobe staple. [ux_image id="45484" image_size="medium" drop_shadow="1"] The designer, famed for his gothic approach, started his eponymous label in 1994 and sold exclusively to LA retailer Charles Gallay until Kate Moss featured in one of his designs in American Vogue. And there's no one like Mossy to amp up the desirability of a designer. Since then, Rick Owens has established the kind of...


Posted by 73

FOUR DESIGNER BAGS - FOUR DIFFERENT BUDGETS The new year is all about resolutions - whether you stick to them or not! Here at Siopaella, we think that designer handbags are a great investment. Not only do they have potential for re-sale, they are also designed to be hard-wearing and long-lasting. Whether you're an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of girl or a clutch arm-candy kind of chick, we've rounded up the top four designer handbags at four different price points so you can add those investment pieces to your wardrobe and maybe even bequeath them to a grand-daughter. BEST VALUE DESIGNER HANDBAG...

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