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    On Wednesday night myself and Ella headed to the Academie Bronz' Express event where they were launching their new product Magic Radiance Drops. The theme was summer BBQ and it was hosted in a gorgeous Georgian house on Leeson Street with live music, food and drink.

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    Now, I am a self confessed tan lover! I have two guilty pleasures in this life and they are Gilmore Girls and false tan. I'm an addict! As I said on our Snapchat on the night, not even my bffffffffs have seen me sans tan. I buy my foundation specifically to match my tan. So when I heard about this event I knew it would be something I'd love.

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    In typical Irish fashion the rain poured and the wind roared (rhyming unintentional) but that didn't stop the party! The food and guitar player were moved inside where the party resumed. We ate delicious burgers drank THE BEST espresso martinis.

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    The product itself is a tan lovers dream.  I'm not a huge fan of putting tan on my face as it can clog up my skin but after talking to Tina and Tara from Bronz' Express about the new product I quickly said "this is what I've been waiting for my whole life!!!!!" (dramatic I know). So what you do is, take your normal everyday facial moisturiser  into the palm of your hands, then you add two or three of the Magic Radiance Drops, mix together and apply your moisturiser as normal!

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    I used it last night alongside the Bronz' Express Self Tanning Lotion. It was my first time using this tan and  loved how it went on and developed! I took a quick before and after pic so you can see how evenly it developed. Huge thumbs up from me!! It retails for €24 which is a little bit more expensive than what I usually pay so this product has become my "good tan" that Ill use for special occasions and big nights out! Just like every Irish household has "the good scissors" I now have "my good tan"!

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    Huge thank you to all the gorgeous girls at Bannerton PR for having us and to Tina and Tara from Academie Bronz' Express for all their helpful tips.

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    Ciara x

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    Last night myself and Ella attended the Flormar Ireland beauty event hosted by the lovely (and gorgeous) people over at Bannerton PR. The event was held in the gallery of the Morrison hotel. We were greeted with a refreshing cold glass of prosecco, just what was needed after a long day at work. We were there to clelebrate the launch of Flormar's new Triple Perfection Mascara.

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    After some chatting and delicious nibbles we were treated to a masterclass by top make up artist Derrick Carberry of Callanberry Make Up. Carberry showed us how to create three different looks using all Flormar products. From bronzers to highlighters to the most amazing red lippie,I was won over! This was a brand I needed in my make up bag. However, it wasn't until he showed us the new mascara that I was S.O.L.D!!

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    The mascara is a feat of engineering. It is literally three mascaras in one. It lengthens, curls and volumises your lashes all in the turn of the lid...YES, the turn of the lid!! I tried it out last night as soon as I got home and after the initial oooh aaah of playing with the twisty lid (I'm a five year old child at heart) it was time to take it to the lashes. Now I'm a gal with verrrry fine, miniscule lashes so finding the perfect mascara for them...well, it hasn't happened yet! Until now! I'm still obviously getting used to the product, of course, but the first impression was amazing!! I think Sir Carberry's tips on how to actually use the product to it's full effects definitely helped (like using the tip of the mascara brush to seperate lashes!! Thank you Derrick, I owe you a pint).

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    The Triple Action Flormar Mascara goes on sale on March 1st and at a price point of only €9.95 it's definitely something to try.

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    A huge thank you to the lovely Paul Mooney CEO of Flormar Ireland and all the gang over at Bannerton PR for having us. We had a really great night meeting and catching up with the gorgeous guests including the lovely Bairbre Power, Lya Solis and Cathy O'Connor.

    Ciara x

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