Temple Bar

In the heart of temple bar, Dublin's Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame lies the gem that isn our 8a Cecilia St Store. A haven of second hand high street pieces pieces for less, you'll find brands at a bargain such as Topshop, Zara, River Island. 

As you have may noticed all sorts of switching shinanigans lately amongst our four shops, behind the scenes we have been preparing for a big move, all the way to next door 
Let us assure you, selling and buying while tearing our shops inside out has been no easy task 
Our 29 Wicklow street location will be closed for the month of August and we will be re-opening next door, 30 Wicklow Street, in September. For the month of August, all pay-outs to drop offs, will be done from our 25a Temple Lane South location in Temple Bar 
If you are thinking of selling with us, 25a Temple Lane South is the place to go starting from August 
We really appreciate your cooperation and understanding with us on this new venture! We're so excited for our new place opening in September, and don't worry - we are still very much active from our 3 locations in Temple Bar, with the usual high standard of stock thanks to our fabulous consignors 
Any questions at all about selling your own designer pieces you can just drop a text on 0896170937 and one of the girls will gladly sort you out 

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