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    The end of Summer is fast approaching and we will slowly but surely be saying goodbye to warmer and longer days.. it's a bit of a bummer, but the good news is we have something to cheer you up! Introducing our new ''Make an Offer Button''! 

    Is there a Chanel bag you've been lusting after? But perhaps you've blown your paycheck enjoying the lovely sunshine and drinking cocktails? Wellllllll lovelies the good news is we may have just solved your shopping blues!

    Introducing the 'Offer Button' - a fun new feature on our website which allows you to make us an offer! All you need to do is click the 'make an offer' option and a window will pop up asking you for your offer amount as well as your email and phone number.


    Once we get a notfication of your offer, we'll then accept, counter or decline. If we accept (Yay for you!) we'll email you with the discounted price at the checkout ready to go. 

    SIMPLES! Start placing your bids now! 


    Siopaella xxx

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    We have been super busy styling outfits for our third installment of our Festival Lookbook series. Music festivals have no dresscode, just have fun with it. This lookbook was one of our favourite shoots to style as we get to have lots of fun mixing vintage, sportswear, our SiopaEdit collections and even some designer thrown in too. 










     Some of us here are off to Longitude festival this weekend. Hope to see you there :)

    Siopaella xx

    Photography: Ciara McCaughy

    Models: Ailbhe Conboy and Katie Soanes

    Styling: Claire Mahoney


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  • Chanel's latest price increase is proof that there really is such thing as an investment handbag!

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    by Rosemary MacCabe 

    Thinking of investing in a Chanel bag? Well, there's no time like the present – Chanel handbags increase in value on the regular, meaning that, if you look after your baby, you're pretty much guaranteed to make your money back (and more) in a few short years.


    We like the term “investment purchase” as much as the next avid shopper, but, more often than not, it's a complete misnomer. What we mean by “investment” is that this dress will see us through many a summer wedding, or that we'll “get a lot of wear out of” this bag. We're not talking investment in terms of stock markets or rental properties and, once we've had our fill of the purchase in question, we won't be making our money back. (But just think of cost per wear, right?!)


    Well what if we told you that there are, in fact, labels that you can buy into and be safe and happy in the knowledge that, in fact, you are making a solid investment purchase?


    Take Chanel. Buying a classic or iconic piece – think the Classic Flap, 2.55 or Boy styles – from the heritage French brand is less of a risk than investing money in the stock market because, year on year, Chanel prices only go one way: up.


    In 2009, for example, a Chanel 2.55 would have set you back $2,695 (around €2,400). A mere five years later, in 2014, that very same bag was retailing at $4,900 (€4,380). That's an almost €2,000 increase in price – which would feel like a serious kick in the teeth if you're someone who'd always dreamed of owning a Classic Flap and just waited too long. 


    In Chanel terms, today is D-Day: good news for those who've already invested in their arm candy, but bad for those debating taking the plunge. At the Chanel boutique in Dublin, classic styles like the 2.55, Classic Flap and Boy have all taken a leap of 5% – meaning that a bag you could have bought yesterday for €4,750 (pocket change!) has gone up by €240; it now has a nifty price tag of €4,990.

    And while €4,990 might seem like an extortionate amount to spend on a handbag, if we assume that Chanel will continue to increase its prices each year – sometimes several times – your €4,990 could turn into a tasty nest egg before long.


    Based on a 5%-per-year increase (which is a conservative estimate, as Chanel often increase their prices several times), a €4,990 handbag will cost €5,240 in 2018. By 2027 – just 10 years' time – the same bag will cost €8,122 to buy, brand new. Which means that, if you bought today and chose to sell in 2018, you could make a tidy profit on your purchase.


    This may all seem like pie in the sky stuff, but bear in mind that, while Chanel prices have consistently increased since the 1950s, prices for their classic leather handbag designs have never gone down. Never. Not once. Not even during the recession, when we were all forced to bring our Nespresso lattes to work in flasks, rather than buying them in Starbucks like rich people.

     [powr-media-gallery id=a5e604e8_1496077118] 

    The take-home message from this, of course, is two-fold: if you own a Chanel, treat it like a teeny, tiny baby – and never put it on the ground. If you're thinking of buying one, do it sooner, rather than later. Because the longer you wait, the more it'll cost you. (And the sooner you invest, the quicker you can cash in.)


    Siopaella is Ireland's largest Reseller of pre-loved authentic Chanel handbags and accessories, having bought and sold over 650 Chanel pieces since opening in 2011. Shop our current Chanel collection and we are always adding new iventory daily!

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    There has been so much hype over Louis Vuitton's collaboration with Supreme for the Fall Winter 2017 collection, and I can see why. The collection is the perfect mixture of street style and high fashion, pairing high quality leather bags with grungy denim baseball jerseys. Personally I'm in love with the collection. 

    Photo Credit: Sneaker News

    For anyone who is not familiar with the street wear brand Supreme, It is a New York based established in 1994. Supreme's brand is targeted towards rappers, artists, punks and skateboarders. They even do a designer skateboard deck collection. 

    Photo Credit: Hypebeast

    The LouisVuittonxSupreme collection have created some fabulous designs, including fanny packs, messenger bags and backpacks, which have the Supreme and Louis Vuitton logo incorporated onto the exterior. I'm a huge fan of the bright red supreme logo. Fingers crossed we will be getting one of these bags brought into us. 

    Photo Credit: Forbes

    We are delighted to be carrying other limited addition Louis Vuitton bags in our shop. My favorite is the Yayoi Kusama polka dot Neverfull. Louis Vuitton did a collaboration with the Japanese pop artist in 2012. The artist is now living and creating artwork in a mental institution in Tokyo. It's the perfect bag for Neverfull lovers looking for a pop of color.

    We are also carrying pieces from the Takashi Murakami collaboration. Murakami is a Japanese contemporary artist who has been working with Louis Vuitton for a number of years creating colorful and playful bags. The bags are over the top, and so fun for anyone looking for something different.

    As a huge fan of Louis Vuitton, especially the limited addition bags,  I am patiently awaiting for more of these bags to be brought in to the shop. We will give cash, swap or consign any Louis Vuitton bag. Just throwing it out there if anyone has bags from the Takashi Camouflage or the Stephen Sprouse Graffiti collection lying around, BRING THEM IN! I would literally sell my soul for one of those babies.


     Photo Credit: Bag Borrow Steal and Yoogis Closet

    For more information on consigning bags with us check our website and wishlist.

    xx Liz   





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