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    Here at Siopaella we like a challenge. From the cinnamon challenge to the ice bucket we've done and nailed them all. Now doing these types of challenges aren't something we'd really share on the blog? Ohhh here's us swallowing a tablespoon of cinnamon while holding a Chanel bag!? Doesn't really have the same appeal as say our new challenge...Queue the oooohs and aaaaahs. This new challenge we're talking about? The Siopaella Siopaedit.

    We hinted about it last week with our Elka rainjacket blog that you can read here and shown a few of our favourite pieces on TV3's Xpose. We love playing dress up in them as they are so wearable and look good both as individual pieces or styled together.

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    We (I say we, I mean Steve) jigged around and gave Crow Street a bit of a face lift this weekend. We wanted to give you something new, something exciting and most importantly? Something affordable! And so begins...the Siopaella Siopaedit. All items are available in our newly refurbished yet still as gorgeous as ever Crow Street store. Prices begin at €18 and go up to €99 for the Siopaedit pieces. We've styed them with iconic Louis Vuitton, the most perfect Alexander Wang bacpack and a classic Tod's handbag.

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    Modelled by Orlagh & Seana

    Photographed by Aine

    Styled by Ciara

    For more information check out www.siopaella.com or call 01 532 1477

    Ciara x

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