As you may already know, one of our favourite things to do at Siopaella is play dress up! It's one of the perks and makes us feel pretty, oh so pretty. So when Sive (our fab work experience student) was finishing up we said, hey Sive, pick out your fav things and let's do a shoot! Her smile widened and she ran to grab her favourite things she'd been eyeing up. When she returned to Temple Lane we shed a proud tear! She had grasped the idea of Siopaella completely...she had become ONE OF US!!!! What's that you ask? Well, there's a criteria for that! You need to do at least one of these...

1. Be humped by Raquel

2. Pay for milk from the petty cash in 1c and 2c coins

3. Break a prosecco glass (by accident of course) and...

4. Share a love of our three favourite things; designer, vintage and the new Siopaedit

We LOVE the look Sive picked out and modelled! Have a look and let us know what you think :) Also HUUUGE love to Solus Street Art for the gorgeous back drop! Check it out on Temple Lane South in Temple Bar!

Siopaella Vintage Shirt, Siopaedit Skirt and Louis Vuitton Noctambule Epi Brown Handbag

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Styled & Modelled by Sive

Shot by Ciara

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