I've never been skiing but have always wanted to go! The idea of spending a day hitting the slopes and then an evening of mulled wine just sounds fabulous. Anybody heading this year? If so... take me with you!! Please?? Look I've even put together this skiing outfit for you and all Im asking for in return is a ticket to the slopes <3 It's a win win!

We've teamed this fabulous Moncler jacket with skinny jeans. A comfortable, practical and stylish look! The Gucci backpack is perfect for skiing (do you take bags up the slopes? Like for snacks?) The aviator Michael Kors sunnies will keep the glaring sun out of you eyes however, I recommend wearing suncream so you avoid the red ski face and outline of your glasses (not a good luck). Keep the red off your face and on your shoes! No Im not talking about Louboutins, they'd be so impractical. Instead, I'm recommending these Lanvin flats! Now you have all my tips you can PM me and Ill send you on my passport details!! Thanks in advance!!

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Modelled by Mary Cate Smith

Styled and Photographed by Ciara McCaughey

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